Only The Best Will Do!


For seven years, Super Clean has offered exceptional cleaning services at affordable prices. We have a great reputation and references. It is our passion to do the best quality cleaning for long term results. We will restore your building to a high standard of cleanliness. We will also keep your building SUPER CLEAN.  We are certain we will LOWER YOUR CLEANING COSTS WHILE ACHIEVING EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS! If your cleaning company charges too much, does a poor job or doesn’t show up, we guarantee you can now have the best quality cleaning at affordable prices.  Do your self a favor and contact me at your earliest to schedule a meeting that will end your cleaning nightmare.


Why You Should Choose Super Clean

I’m Ross Gray. I have achieved the highest quality standards in the industry. I am constantly striving to bring my clients the best possible results. I bring with me some 25 years’ experience in the field. I am not running an old fashioned janitorial service. I emphasize excellence in restoring buildings to their former glory. We specialize in (1) Environmental restoration, (2) Sanitary Maintenance and (3) Continued improvement. There are many cleaning companies out there that will treat you like just another client. They may take no real interest in your facility. With me each building is an ongoing project. I have a passion to bring the best quality services to each client on an individual bases. This means that I am always looking for ways to improve the aesthetics and cleanliness of your facility.
Mission Statement

 It is our mission to provide the highest quality office, commercial, retail and industrial cleaning possible to Cheshire County and Keene, NH businesses. To provide daily, weekly and monthly custodial services in a timely manner. We vow to always have a professional appearance and attitude. We will always achieve the highest quality janitorial services. We endeavor to restore all buildings to the best attainable state of cleanliness and aesthetic beauty. We shall never skip skimp or put off tasks or let our buildings slip into disrepair. We pledge to take the old word Custodian seriously. This means that while we are in custody of your building we will always do our level best to turn it into a crisp, clean and sanitary environment. Your building will become both pleasing to the eye and professional in appearance. When we return Custody, you will always be pleased to be in Custody!


Phone: (603) 209-9011