Strip & Wax Floors

Strip and wax is usually a special item requiring an additional fee. Poor stripping and waxing will ruin your flooring. The tiles become yellowed or even brown. Some if this is repairable. Over and over again We see buildings that look awful because the floors are  bad. The floor is the frame that your whole picture sits on. Floors must be entirely stripped , edges scraped and baseboards cleaned thoroughly for the wax to give you a crisp clean look. The floor then must be re-washed and kept free or dirt , dust and hairs to get the right look. Then it requires coatings of sealer and wax in layers. After some time the floor may require Burnishing to keep the shine up. I have stripped and waxed floors since 1980 and you can’t imagine how many floors I have seen ruined by people who don’t know which end of a mop to hold.