Extra’s Aren’t Extra

Most often a contract cleaning company will: Get a contract signed with about 8 or 10 services of the list and will not do anything that is not on the list. (We don’t get paid to do that) they say. This gives them the opportunity to charge for some extra services that really should be included. Things like window sills, baseboards, washing wastebaskets, removing deep stains from porcelain, deep cleanings etc. We can write up a contract that is all inclusive if needed. Most services such as walls and trouble spots are really part of a good daily cleaning system. We do have special chargeable services like floor waxing, window washing and carpet cleaning. These however can be included in an overall contract or done as needed. What we don’t do is charge you for every little thing we are here to clean your building not take you to the cleaners. When we take on a cleaning job, we agree to solve your cleaning problems. That generally means that if its dirty we clean it. Your clean building is our best advertisement. It also means that you will want us to stay for years to come.