We are very happy to have hired Super Clean to clean our facility.  Ross Gray is easy to talk to and is truly enthusiastic about cleaning to make us look good.  It’s nice to have a cleaning company that will work with us to meet our specific needs.  His willingness to go the extra mile is one reason we recommend Super Clean services to others.


Jacklynn Stromgren, General Manager, Leon’s Auto


Super clean has been with us for only a few months, But we are extremely pleased with their services. I would highly recommend giving this company a call!

Kathy Sevene, Nissan of Keene


Super Clean has done an exceptional job cleaning K-Rock for over a year now. They never miss a day and always do a wonderful job. We give them a AAA rating. Our offices look better than ever, and I would recommend them highly to any business who needs a commercial cleaner. This is the best company we have found in Keene, NH.

Parker Springfield, K-Rock


Ross has been cleaning here for 6 or 7 years now. Super Clean has always done a really super job.Any time we’ve ever needed anything he has done it for us. I would recommend him to any business. Our restrooms are clean, floors are vacuumed, dusting is done and our counters and cabinets are spotless. He’s easy to deal with and always takes care of us and our building.

Tony E.


Super Clean is the only company that has ever lasted more than a year in our building. we have had a lot of companies in our building that we have had to get rid of before they got here. They always do a good job. The floors are waxed and shiny for our visitors. We are lucky to have Super Clean cleaning our offices and school. They are very consistent and reliable. I would call them above average.

Gary D.


We are very satisfied with Super Clean. Our restrooms are always clean now. It’s nice to come to work to a clean building that smells good and looks like new. Our porcelain is actually white now all the time. We are very satisfied with the results that Super Clean gives us every day.

Michelle B.


I am happy we finally found you guys. The last cleaning company did not care at all about how our building looked. They did not do anything that was on our contract. Keep doing what your doing, everything looks really good and I have no complaints.  Yesterday someone came to buy a car and said ” Wow! This is the cleanest dealership I have ever seen”. Believe me, I see all the details you have worked on and Everything is appreciated.

Charles D.